September features Addis Ababa City Cup

Addis Ababa National Stadium

The two week Addis Ababa City Cup takes place in mid September. It’s the tenth time the tourney has been played and this time seven of the city’s clubs will face off on the artificial turf at Abebe Bikila Stadium. Some teams to look out for are the newly promoted Addis Ababa and Adama.

The Addis Ababa Football Federation is apparently inspired by having the capital city’s own representative in the Premier League for the first time and they are working to organize and excellent championship event. Participants are expected to earn a significant amount of money this time.

Previously the Federation announced that the new season would start on the final week of September. However, sources close to the office expect that the 2016-17 season will be pushed back for a couple weeks. This will allow clubs who are already in training camps to have a lot of time to prepare for the new season and evaluate their progress against real competition.

Two time defending champion Saint George, runner-up Ethiopia Bunna, and former City Cup champions Ethio-Electric and Ethiopia NegedBank, Army’s “Mekelakeya”, Dedebit FC and Addis Ababa Town are the seven teams representing the Capital. By actively participating in the transfer window, Head coach Seyoum Kebede is expected to unveil a strong side capable of sailing through the frustrating Super League season. Adama Town head coach Ashenafi Bekele, has a strong group of players to work with as he hopes to better two successive third place finishes in  Premier League play.