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Despite number of Premier League sides already departed to Hawassa and Adama Towns to the pre season preparation, Ethiopian Football governing body EFF announced a shocking postponement of the new season kick-off by an additional three weeks. The opening date is set for the first week of November.

When the federation announced the new season’s start on first week of October 2016 many doubted that it would be rescheduled because it was a spontaneous decision following Dedebit’s strong letter to the federation demanding the exact date of the kick-off so that they could get prepared in time. The federation’s frustrating schedule postponement once again in action, the clubs are now under pressure to call back their players and revise the already underway pre season.

The latest announcement means an additional financial burden to the clubs already notorious for budget deficits every season. In addition to that the big problem lies on head coaches who try to stick to the usual six week pre season preparation program. The clubs are now to reschedule their season planning and this in turn weaken their players after mid season. “How come we have a second pre-season preparation even before the season starts. The problem is with the organizing committee for it does not like to advise clubs before the announcement” remarked one Premier League head coach.

The federation has good reason to take the kick-off further for the four promoting sides: (Addis Ababa Town, Jimma AbaBuna, Woldya Town and Fasil Town) have just finished their Super League season thus a rest is a must before taking part in the upper league. The question is why didn’t the organizing committee take that in to consideration before it released the opening date and made clubs and head coaches suffer?. Critics suggest that this is not the first time and sure not the last that clubs will have problems and the midpoint.