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Col. Melesse Tesemma, 86, The Ethiopian Korea War Veteran Association President condemned North Korea’s recent nuclear test. A 5.3 magnitude tremor had earlier been detected near its nuclear test site.

South Korea believes it is the North’s biggest-ever test raising fears it has made significant nuclear advances.

North Korea is banned by the UN from any tests of nuclear or missile technology and has been hit by five sets of UN sanctions since its first test in 2006. Pyongyang said the latest test had been of a “nuclear warhead that has been standardized to be able to be mounted on strategic ballistic rockets”.

“It is my private opinion, not the association’s, that the repeated continuous nuclear tests by North Korea may initiate Third World War and the UN should take their actions seriously.

“I fear that if the two Koreas go to war it will affect the whole world. Ethiopia should condemn the nuclear tests that incite the peace loving South Korea.’’