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Name: Cherenet Abebe

Education: 12th grade

Company name:   Achare Chama

StudioTitle:  Owner and manager

Founded in: 1983

What it does: Makes and sells shoes

HQ: Meskel Flower

Number of employees: 10

Startup capital:    2,000 birr

Current capital:  1,000,000 birr

Reasons for starting the business:  Interest in making shoes

Biggest perk of ownership: Ideas and financial freedom

Biggest strength:  Self confidence

Biggest weakness: Financial management

Biggest worry:  Local products being considered inferior to imports

Favorite task: Working

Most challenging task: None

Plan: To open a shoe factory

First career: This is my first career

Most interested in meeting:  Barack Obama

Most admired person:   Ephrem Tameru (Singer)

Stress reducer:  Spending time with family and friends

Favorite past-time:  Working

Favorite book: Ke Admas Bashager by Bealu Girma

Favorite city: Addis Ababa

Favorite automobile:  Mercedes