Over 11,600 arrested during state of emergency

Tadesse Hordofa
Tadesse Hordofa

Eleven thousand six hundred and seven people have been arrested since the unrest occurred in some parts of Ethiopia this year. During a press conference on Friday November 11, the Inquiry Board overseeing the state of emergency said 11,260 men and 347 women were being held at six detentions centers in different parts of Ethiopia including Addis Ababa.

According to Tadesse Hordofa, assigned by the parliament to chair the Board, the Inquiry Board has the names of all detained individuals, after the list was brought to them by the Command Post, which is responsible for implementing the state of emergency.

Many of the detainees are being held at Tolay Military Camp. According to the board chairman, there are 4,329 people there, including 136 females.

People being held at Tolay are from Kelem Wollega, Arsi, West Arsi, and East Shewa zones of Oromia regional state.

There are 3,048 detainees in Zeway-Alage Center, from Guji, East and West Hararge Zones of Oromia, 91 of them are women.

According to the Board statement, the Awash Center holds 1,174 detainees including two females who are from the Oromia Special Zone surrounding Addis Ababa, as well as North and East Shewa zones.

Tadesse said that 2,114 individuals are being held at centers in Dila and Yergalem.  This includes ten females from Gedio area of the SNNP region.

There are 532 individuals arrested in the Amhara region of North and South Gonder, East Gojjam, and Awi zones including 91 females being held at a center in Bahir Dar. The Addis Ababa center holds 410 detainees from the capital city, 17 are females.

The detainees include students, businesspeople, farmers and civil servants. No one under 18 is being held, according to the Board Chairman.

The identities of those detained will be transferred to local authorities where they reside.

The Board added that families can visit the detainees as per the information that will be given by the Board via the Wereda administration.

The Inquiry Board plans to undertake a detailed investigation about the detainees’ conditions, according to the board members. Tadesse said that the detainees are suspected with flaming the unrest, amplifying terror, and inciting others for destabilization.

“They are also suspected of damaging public property, private houses and investments, attempting to halt social activity: mainly market activity and the transportation system, in addition to other allegations of misdeeds,” he added.

The Inquiry Board Chairman also said that it does not have information on any foreign suspects.

“We received no claim about the detention of foreign individuals,” Tadesse added.