Hamdok assigned as acting Executive Secretary of the ECA


Economic Commission for Africa staff on Thursday welcomed Abdalla Hamdok as Acting Executive Secretary of the ECA with calls for a renewed and revitalized platform for engagement with senior management.

The Town Hall meeting was moderated by Chief of Staff Collen Kelapile who paid tribute to Hamdok as a leader with over 30 years’ experience in the areas of public sector reforms, governance, regional integration and resource management.

Hamdok headed major portfolios in a career spanning over three decades, addressing diverse development challenges of the African policy landscape.

Staff Union President Joseph Baricako echoed the Chief of Staff and described Hamdok as a homegrown lead manager with over three decades of thorough knowledge of the ECA and the continent.

Speaking on behalf of staff, he called on Hamdok to lead the institution through a smooth transition following the departure of Carlos Lopes as ECA Chief Executive, especially as there are a number of transitions taking place at the same time in the greater United Nations and the African Union, among others.