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“I remain very optimistic about our efforts to combat climate change,” said Secretary General of the United Ban Ki-moon said during a press conference held in Marrakech, referring to the discussions he held with U.S. president elect Donald Trump last week. Ban said that the two talked about issues such as peace and security as well as climate change.”

Furthermore, Ban stated that he was optimistic that Trump would re-evaluate some of his campaign messages with regards to climate change. President elect Donald Trump has said multiple times that climate change is a hoax and has, throughout his campaign, stated that he would cancel the Paris Agreement and stop any funding to the United Nations Climate Change Frame Work.

“Our expectation is that President Elect Trump will hear and understand the seriousness and urgency of addressing climate change. It is a whole hearted commitment by the whole world and as the president of the United States, I am sure that he will understand this, he will listen and he will evaluate his campaign remarks,” Ban said.

Speaking on the ongoing negotiations in Marrakech, Ban stated that countries, either poor or rich, are coming to terms with the fact that climate change will affect them all, and they are realizing that they need to take action.

“Countries are realizing that it is in their own interest to take action now. We have much to gain by acting now I strongly urge all countries to increase the level of ambition in climate plans over the next two years. I also call on other sectors of society to accelerate their climate efforts,” he said.

Ban who will soon retire, leaving his position for Portugal’s former Prime Minister Antonio Guterresm, said that he will continue to assist the UN and Governments in the fight against climate change.

“I will never cease, even after my retirement, working with the United Nation and world leaders to make sure that the climate change agreement is fully implemented to make this world heartier, safer and more prosperous,” Ban said.