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Super Sunday brings Saints Vs Dedebit

After a  season opening 3-0 demolishing of city rival Ethiopia Bunna, Getaneh Kebede and Dedebit FC take on defending champion Saint George today at Addis Ababa Stadium while newly promoted Addis Ababa Town entertains visitors Jimma AbaBuna in its first ever Premier League home match.

International Getaneh Kebede announcing his arrival back home loud and clear with a hat trick over arch rival Ethiopia Bunna, Dedebit appears to have attacking supremacy strong enough to torment Saint George also with a 3-0 season opening away victory over Arbaminch. Though the early red card against Bunna’s goalie triggered the humiliating defeat, the victors performance, especially the back four was in amazing .

Upcoming striker Abubaker Sanni had a historic opening goal just seconds in to his first ever Premier League match and international Salhadin Said and veteran Adane Girma are already in the score sheet, Saints have a strong strike force thus a strong showdown is much expected among football fans. Though the Saints’ defense led by Degu Debebe and Issak Issende is a bit shaky the Ugandan international Robert Odonkara is there to fill the gap thus the encounter is likely to feature an eye feast for football crazies who have been far from it for the past four months.

The other match today is between hosts Addis Ababa Town and visitors Jimma AbaBuna both in their first ever appearance at the upper tier. Addis Ababa under head coach Seyoum Kebede returned home after an un expected 2-0 away victory over Hawassa Town therefore in a stronger position to face AbaBuna, which  settled for a season opening home draw with Electric.

Newly promoted yet with an amazing 1-0 season opening home victory over Ethiopia NegedBank, Woldya travels South to face Arbaminch while Wolayta Dicha, after a 2-0 home victory, vistis popular side Fasil Town in Gondor Atse Theodros Stadium.