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BREXIT was a signal delivered to the reigning European elites (Brussels, et al) compliment of the dissatisfied British sheeple (human mass). TRUMPISM in America followed the British pattern. It seems establishment politics is having difficulty in stopping the march of the disgruntled sheeple. Washington and its unpopular Consensus is now on the brink of collapse. The ‘Washington Consensus’ that effectively includes the EU, anchors the prevailing globalization, which is spearheaded by transnational monopoly capital, mostly against the will of nature and man. For many a pedestrian the election of Mr. Trump might have come as a shocker, but to skeptics who don’t follow the stupid narratives of the establishment, (mostly via paid media/ MSM=main stream media, institutions of higher learning, etc.) the outcome was not all that surprising. In fact, there is a good chance we might end up having more of such elections in the coming years, particularly in Europe, underscoring the changing nature of our global political economy!

The ‘deep state’, a powerful entity behind all strong states, is being increasingly challenged by the sheeple, both directly and indirectly. To recall, we have ‘righteously’ defined the ‘deep state’ as the military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media complex of mostly the rich and powerful countries. The currently creeping and widely spreading movements (SYRIZA, PODEMOS, LE PEN, BREXIT, TRUMPISM, etc.) came about mostly as a result of unbridled polarization, wrought by the last four decades of neoliberalism! A couple of decades ago (at the time of WTO launching) when we (and other likeminded people) were advocated for the regulation of globalization, the learned idiots (local & foreign, individuals & institutions) were mocking us relentlessly. Unless we bow down to the prevailing polarizing globalization, we would miss the train to nirvana, so we were told. We were sanctimoniously dismissed as a bunch of modern day ‘Luddites’ trying to bring back the ‘good old days’ of articulated national developments! If our memory serves us right, it seems Mr. Trump is more or less saying the same thing in a roundabout ways. ‘Now who is laughing’: alluding to Farage’s (BREXIT architect) recent speech to the EU bureaucrats, after the UK sheeple voted to BREXIT. From the silent cry of the sheeple within the rich countries (OECD), one can infer there is a real craving to bring back the vanished employment along with the old standard of living, hoping to replace the current not-so comfy existence.

The numbing main stream mantra in regards to Mr. Trump’s election revolves around the notion; he was elected by racist, xenophobic, masochistic, rednecks, bums, KKK, etc. types. That might be true, but it is not the whole story. For instance, 57% of white American women voted for him, even though he doesn’t seem to harbor an enlightened disposition when it comes to the fair sex. No matter! It seems the fair sex knows better and in spite of himself, these women trusted their votes to him. At his juncture, it is instructive to recall the wise ways of the ancestors. In the North American culture of the Iroquois, it was only the women who were allowed to vote. Even though men were not allowed to vote, they were the only ones who could be voted to power. In other words, men were voted to do the donkey’s work of governing, while women tended to the more important matters of life, creating and sustaining it. Nonetheless, if the donkeys were not up to the tasks, they were promptly sent off packing, by the real bosses of the community-the women folks! Back to our mundane affair of the day!

To be fair, Obama also got elected by a substantial number of ‘tea party’ types. Many rural folks like ‘lilywhite’ Iowa, voted for him, both in the primaries and in the national election (2008), mostly because he promised to deliver ‘change we can believe in’! As an outsider and as a minority, a good portion of Americans thought he would bring fresh ideas/policies to the entrenched and visibly corrupt politics of Washington and the Western world. His rhetoric started out that way. He was even awarded the Nobel Prize for peace proactively, one might say. He declared to adequately address the concerns of the global sheeple (Cairo University speech), etc. etc. But all came to a naught, putting it mildly. This year the American sheeple finally had enough of the establishment and its vetted candidates. This time around the people decided to induct (directly or indirectly) their own candidates to national politics. What the candidates stood for was not that important, so long as they were adamantly against the establishment. This is the crux of the matter. By trying to reject the status quo in its totality, the American sheeple has started to herald its quest for genuine liberation! Naturally this trend is disturbing the ‘deep state’; after all, this is how revolutions start!

Beppe Grillo (Five Star Movement-Italy) said about Trump’s election; “… an epoch has gone up in flames. The real demagogues are the press, intellectuals, who are anchored to a world that no longer exists.’ What many don’t seem to get is; there is a new emerging politics grounded on reality and not on ideology. It is ushering the coming together of the extreme ends of the traditional political spectrum. Let’s explain; in the US for instance, we have the conservatives on one extreme. For the sake of brevity but at the expense of accuracy, we will call them ‘tea party’ types. On the other extreme we have the liberals, progressives, leftists, etc. We will rubrically assign the phrase the ‘Occupation Movements’ to this collective. During the last few decades, one could sense the coalescing of certain attitudes/positions (of the above two tendencies), once thought unbridgeable. Such political loops are forming all across the world. This ‘loopy’, if we can call it that, is the attempt to tie together the ideas of the extreme left with that of the extreme right! In the case of the USA for example, the ‘tea party’ and the ‘occupy movement’ have a lot in common, not withstanding main stream narratives. Both groups feel the interests of the average individual have been neglected by the power that be. To those on the left, the power that be is; the corporations and their corrupt political operators. To the rightists, it is the government and its unwieldy bureaucracy! In both cases, the perception remains the same; ‘the system is not working for us, no matter who is in power’! At the same time the avowed strategy of the establishment/deep state also remains the same; to play one against the other (tea party vs. occupation movement) so that it can maintain political hegemony and close the space for alternatives. The potential success of the ‘lop’ is very much predicated on availing separate and free space to both the individual as well as the collective!

In 2008, the ‘loopy’ came together and elected ‘change we can believe in’, only to realize that it was just another ploy by entrenched interests to extend their reign, this time by changing the color of the guard. Obama had a glimpse of a chance to knot a node between the above two extremes, an admittedly difficult but essential undertaking. He failed! Eight years later the two expansive and nebulous groups (tea parties & occupation movements) went their own separate ways and supported two individuals (in stark contrast, both in style and substance) considered relative outsiders (to the power circle), hoping to represent their respective interests in the highest office of the land. The candidates were refreshingly naïve and were also not shy to engage in straight talks (unlike the vetted candidates), which appealed not only to their respective supporters. Unfortunately only one was allowed to enter the presidential race on the ballot of one of the two main parties of the country. The rest is history! Unless the ‘loopy’ is allowed to work by forging peaceful coexistence between the two ‘extreme’ tendencies, collective harmony might not be assured in the US. In the words of the renowned neurosurgeon, who is quite the novice in politics: “The people themselves have just gotten disgusted with being manipulated and controlled.” Ben Carson. Good Day!