Wintana Girmachew

Wintana Girmachew

Name: Wintana Girmachew

Education: Diploma in shoe designing

Company name: Nahom Leather

Studio Title: Owner and General Manager

Founded in: 2014

What it does: Makes and sells leather shoes

HQ:  Bole Medhnaylem

Number of employees: Four

Startup capital:    25,000 Birr

Current capital:  Growing

Reasons for starting the business: Interested in shoe making

Biggest perk of ownership: Ideas and financial freedom

Biggest strength:  Never give up

Biggest weakness: None

Favorite task: Spending time on  new designs

Most challenging task: None

Plan: To open a big shop

First career: Shoe Designer

Most interested in meeting: None

Most admired person:   None

Stress reducer:  Watching movies

Favorite past-time: Working

Favorite book: Fiker Eskemekaber by Hadis Alemayehu

Favorite  Movie: Rebuni

Favorite automobile:  Rav4