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Haile G/Selassie’s ascension to the Ethiopian Athletics Federation Presidency is still afresh and inspiring among sport fans and now the Ethiopian Football National General assembly on December 4 in Addis Ababa is highly anticipated to become historic, bringing professional footballers in place of the two suspended former executive members. EFF is expected to have extra room to accommodate interested participants from the Diaspora community to serve at executive levels. Though there are many who criticize the federation for calling this assembly and neglecting to call an emergency meeting when former vice president Yosef Tesfaye was suspended, many are excited at the prospect of brining professional players together into the federation. “Professionals into their Profession” one of the leading mottos of the Ethiopian Government, EFF is expected to fill that gap by all means.

The other issue to be discussed is the incorporation of individuals from the Diaspora community to serve at executive levels. Interested groups suggested that the practice is common in other federations but EFF’s statute has not yet been amended. “I want to take part in the coming election next year but that may hinder my interest in serving my country,” suggested one Diaspora.

According to the federation PR Officer Wondemkun Alayu an informal committee will be formed to oversee such matters and introduce new rules and regulations in line with FIFA/CAF’s latest status. “Transparency is not as such a problem with the incumbent executive body therefore such matters will be resolved in no time,” Wondemkun remarked.