ECA, partners tackle illicit financial flows from Africa


A two-day workshop aimed at Stakeholders working to confront the challenge of stemming illicit financial flows (IFFs) from Africa was held in Nairobi with the Economic Commission for Africa’s Head of Special Initiatives in the Office of the Executive Secretary, Aida Opoku-Mensah calling for a coherent and coordinated approach on this agenda.

“Given the mosaic of actors and ongoing and prospective initiatives on the different dimensions of IFFs at national, regional and global levels, there is need for coherence, coordination and complementary partnerships,” said Opoku-Mensah at the opening session.

Opoku-Mensah stressed that while the continent is taking tangible steps towards a coherent approach to curb IFFs more still needs to be done.

“Agreeing upon the functions and applicability of the Consortium as well as the actionable implementation plan to counter IFFs will move this consortium into its immediate next step of implementation,” she added.