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It used to be whoever has media power can easily dictate broadcasting and what was broadcasted, by and large, was not the whole truth. As the world system enters its accelerated disintegration, reporting the truth (about all and sundry) became a subversive venture to be shunned by establishment media. The mission of MSM (main stream media) was effectively transformed from informing to stupefying indoctrination. Trivial issues were given wide coverage while important ones were purposely relegated to the backburner, so to speak! Both the state and the private media became the torch bearers of the degenerated vocation. To be sure, since the era of radio/television, broadcasting has always been one of the foremost propaganda tool of the power that be, almost at par with the extensive and subtle programming machine of schooling! In previous times, the humongous resource needed to become a formidable broadcaster prohibited small time operators from joining the club of the old networks, but times-are-a-changing!

Thanks to modern informatics the monopoly of the big broadcasters is now more or less over, along with most of their massive manipulative power. The MSM, which has always been very instrumental in orienting/disorienting the sheeple (= sheep + people) to polished gullibility, has started to lose its luster. For example and unlike before, the establishment in the USA that leveraged the global MSM to the max failed to propel its preferred candidate to the white house. The MSN, almost without exception, unashamedly and very biasedly supported the Clinton campaign, against all the evidences presented by the likes of Wikileaks as to her previous inappropriate activities. Modern technology in the hands of committed activists ultimately managed to reveal the honest truth to the voting public, thereby destroying the dominant but spurious meme preached by the MSM. The old power of manipulation, even under the guise of ‘scientific polling’/pollster-ing more precisely, was no match to the ascending alternative media, based on the open Internet. Times have changed and the hidden truth is seeing the light of day. The election of Mr. Trump testifies to this changing reality. We predict other political upsets to follow soon, particularly in Europe!

To be sure, we are not for this or that candidate, at least not in this case. Our objective is only to try to figure out the reasons why voter’s sentiment changed so drastically from the MSM meme. It is also to know what the mechanisms are by which current elections are won or lost. Only a couple of decades ago it was very difficult to access info/facts/truth from global institutions, particularly from those determined to keep their activities secret. This situation allowed complacency to take over the lofty occupation of investigative journalism. At the same time malicious broadcasting from behind the scene, compliment of the deep state, ended up dominating (directly/indirectly) almost all media narratives the world over. In the words a former head of the CIA, ‘there is no editorial in the world where we (the CIA) don’t have a leverage’! The coming of age of alternative media challenged this hubris. Today, thanks to heroes like Snowden, Manning, Assange and many like them, the world is now acutely aware of what is going on behind the scenes. No wonder various surveys show the global population still trusting MSM to be less than 10%. The double-edged-ness of information technology is becoming vividly apparent both to its supporters as well as detractors!

It seems the future looks bright, at least from the point of view of truth and its broad dissemination, not because the power that be will be less obstructionist, but the operators from within can reveal secret operations (of the ruling entities) to the global sheeple. In third world countries informatics has already empowered people to challenge oppressive regimes. The machinations and outright corruptions of the various thugs within the political leadership/bureaucracy are getting exposed by the day. Hidden information, particularly in regards to mismanagement of public resources can be easily exposed, thanks to the peculiar nature of modern informatics. Electronic leaks, by the virtue of being anonymous and instantaneous, are opening new vistas to the pathetic sheeple. The Clinton campaign massively suffered from such revelations and it won’t be the last. The arrival of the likes of the Wikileaks within each countries of Africa would be a welcome respite. Even if the heavy handedness of various incumbent governments is always there trying to strangulate the emerging alternative media, the war against truth will not be won ultimately.   Politics must necessarily change in the era of widespread ICT (Information & Communication Technology) and all aspiring people-centered politicians should take note. Because of ICT and its downstream alternative media, the global sheeple is already on its way to becoming more ‘people’ than ‘sheep’ in the sheeple nexus.

Here is a sentiment we share with the prolific scriptwriter: “When a well–packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James. Good Day!