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New Abattoir faces another hurdle


Construction of a new abattoir facility, which was previously delayed by concerns from the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority that flocks of birds could interfere with airplanes, suffered another setback when 70 million euro, expected from the French Development Agency failed to materialize.

Construction was expected to begin back in February 2015, however, according to sources, the French Development Agency is requiring the Addis Ababa city administration to study how people are being compensated for being forced to relocate if they live in the area the new abattoir is being constructed in.

The Addis Ababa Abattoirs Enterprise (AAAE) has already spent 20 million birr on an exploration study carried out by South African, New Zealand and Australian professionals.

“We have fenced the land, the full project study is completed, we have the land deed certificate but we don’t have the money for construction,” said Nibert Beka, Managing Director of AAAE.

“The city administration has already compensated the people who were relocated but the French Development Agency wants to use their own methods of verification, we hope they will soon finish the process and release the money,” a source said.

Situated at Hanna Mariam the new facility encompasses 17,400sqm. It will have the capacity to kill 14,000 animals every day. The current abattoir can only slaughter 1,200 animals per day.

An upgrading system for processing by-products to produce animal tallow, meat bone meal, glue and pure bone meal will be installed in the new abattoir. It will also feature biogas and water treatment plants.

The old abattoir has seen some improvements in the past years but space was limited. With the new slaughter house, the Enterprise expects to render new services such as export slaughtering through an automatic line which can handle bulls, sheep and goats and environmental mitigation actions.