What’s wrong with Bunna?


After going winless in three straight games Ethiopia Bunna, which was expected to contend for the title, has been a disappointment. Now rumors are circulating that their newly hired Serbian head coach may be in trouble. This year the team signed Nigerian Samuel Sannumi for a staggering 100,000 birr a month and another Nigerian to tend goal. However in the Debub City Cup tournament it finished third out of seven teams. They lost 3-0 in their opening match to Dedebit FC after their goalie was given a red card early in the game. Then they tied Mekelakya which is not seen as a strong team. Finally a 1-0 loss in front of a sold out crowd at Addis Ababa stadium to Fasil Town, which just joined the league, has caused serious concerns. Meanwhile their rival Saint George has 9 points so fans are getting worried.