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In order to make sure that bakers have quality options for their backing needs, renowned German Chef Bastian Eversman from BAKELS, a company that produces and distributes ingredients and technical support for those in the bakery industry, in collaboration with Munch Bakery as well as Ramada Addis Ababa, held a product and technique demonstration day.

(L) Bastian Eversman and Abye Zeleke
(L) Bastian Eversman and Abye Zeleke

The event had in attendance different hotel, restaurant, café and bakery owners who were interested in exploring products in the sector.

“Addis Ababa is a city where there is a big café culture and we have a lot of international people coming in. In that regard, it is very important that we provide quality service and quality products in the bakery sector. The products from BAKELS are certainly of a good quality and we want to see in more in the Ethiopian market,” said Abye Zeleke, owner of Munch Bakery.

During the demonstration Chef Eversman showed the quality of products such as fruit fillings, glazes, and flavored powders to make mousse cakes and so on. “The products of BAKELS are honestly among the best that bakers use. In South Africa where I am currently based, over 80 percent of those in the bakery business use this brand, it makes everything easier,” Chef Eversman said.

BAKELS hopes to have more presence in the Ethiopian market in the near future with aims to make partnerships with local distributors. Although most of the products are made for the industry which means they are packed in large sizes, according to Chef Eversman, smaller shops can also buy the products re-package them into smaller sizes and sell them to small cafes as well as for home use.

Munch Bakery plans to be a BAKELS brand ambassador and will be also involved in distributing the products.