Conspiracy theorists question Yohannes Sahle’s sacking


Though the Nigerian goal keeper’s early red card helped them to a shocking season opening victory over Ethiopia Bunna, many believed Dedebit FC under head Coach Yohannes Sahle would mount a strong title contention. However, an away draw with new comers Woldya Town followed by a 2-0 defeat at the hands of the defending champions Saint George turned things upside down climaxing with the sacking of Yohannes just three matches in to the new season.
A week later with the Technical Director taking over the hot seat Dedebit returned to a wining form, defeating visitors Hawassa Town to 2-0 score line thanks to the double strike from Getaneh Kebede.
Taking in to consideration the club’s silence one can speculate that the two parties parted amicably meaning Yohannes went home with full compensation for his remaining contract. A defeat to Saint George appears not good enough reason to sack Yohannes rather it opens a flood gate of speculations.
Conspiracy theory experts that criticize Yohannes for his lack of communication skill believe he stood on a mine field when rattling the old worriers who had been together since the South African Nations Cup final. Yohannes introduced a number of new faces and this means the old worriers’ places are in jeopardy. “The veterans who feared for their places might gang up for their survival and convince Asrat Haile from Dedebit FC to take over. They delivered what is expected of them just in a week after defeating Hawassa, ” suggested one of the theorists.
Others argued that Asrat Haile whose recent time performance was not so colorful: Walking out in mid season abandoning Ethio-Electric to rot in relegation battle and later sending down Ethiopia Insurance a year after helped them to the upper tier returned from retirement should not have been technical director let alone head coach.