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Elites in trouble

The ruling elites of the prevailing world system are in trouble, serious trouble. By the ‘elites’, we generally mean the privileged operators of the status quo or the ‘establishment’. This system, which has been serving the elites well for about half a millennium is swiftly disintegrating. To be sure, social polarization has always been one of the inherent features of the system, i.e., it benefits the few at the expense of the multitude (slave/slave owner, colonized/colonizer, proletariat/capitalist, woman/man, black/white, etc.). This global regime is anchored on the current irrational model of ‘the economy’. The status quo/establishment persistently preaches ‘the economy’, as if it were a rational/scientific endeavor, but the fact is; it is a life sapping (not only that of human’s), nature-destroying scheme, based on unadulterated greed!

The fountainheads of this destructive order are the various global institutions that include the institutions of ‘enlightenment’, (education system), information sources (media etc.), institutions of economic governance (Bretton Woods, WTO, etc.), subtly indoctrinating entertainments and other social outfits. The main objective of these entities is to make sure the sheeple (human mass) remains numb, which of course is the prerequisite for its continuous subjugation. As the collective activities of human beings surpass the safe limits of the biosphere, the system’s ridiculous preoccupation with stupid stuff like ‘economic growth’, is looking rather silly or even senile. As we never tire of pointing out, continuous growth on a relatively small and finite planet is an absurdity! Nonetheless, entrenched interests still want to keep on shoving such idiotic ideas through the sheeple’s throat. Fortunately, the global sheeple has started to wake up. As a result, people are vigorously kicking out the parasitic elites from power, state or otherwise, at least in democratic societies! Brexit, Trumpism and a host of other ascending movements, (particularly in the west) are only the latest manifestations of the sheeple’s boiling anger! Out of desperation the privileged ‘elites’ are concocting measures to weaken the solidarity that is gaining momentum across the world. In this regard, the ‘danger of populism’, as the elites would like to call the sporadic, but assertive moves of the sheeple, is being fanned as if there is no tomorrow.

We will look at the case of the EU. Those who lost from its stifling policies (which don’t seem to be gravely concerned about the long-term interests of the masses) are challenging Brussels’ orthodoxy and unwieldy bureaucracy. Recently, one of its colorful bureaucrats/presidents, Mr. Juncker (of ‘when it gets serious you have to lie’ fame) openly pleaded with one of the presidential candidates of Austria. He begged him not to allow referendums to take place if he gets elected to power. This is how far the privileged elites are willing to go in order to thwart off the sheeple’s initiatives. The global sheeple has been tolerating, willy-nilly, all sorts of abuses inflicted (on it) by the ruling elites. We admit, so long as the system delivers the goods, the sheeple usually doesn’t care much about other aspects of collective life. Things like sustainable existence, social harmony (via equitable arrangements), even wars (so long as they are far away) don’t necessarily ignite it, hence the name (sheeple = sheep + people)! Since the last ‘financial crisis’, which of course is a misnomer, as it is very much a systemic structural crisis of the whole global economy; the sheeple has been in dire strait. Crony capitalism has seriously afflicted the whole modern world system, i.e. capitalism and it is (mostly) because of cronyism, the world is now in turmoil. Without a doubt finance is now the top predator in the prevailing global crony capitalism. Naturally, when finance enters a crisis phase, all downstream activities (not only economic) suffer disproportionately! Even though global finance has been in deep trouble for about a decade, it seems there isn’t much the elites can do about it, except to kick the can further down the slope, so to speak. Pension funds on which the global sheeple have been putting its faith might not be as secure as thought. Almost all the major pension funds in the world are having problems meeting their obligations, obligations to pay retirees what they were promised! Here is a case in Dallas. It seems central banks have also lost their old wherewithal, which has been critical in stopping major contagion from developing into global financial disaster. Parasitic elites are in deep trouble!

As we pointed out above, a component of the global sheeple that resides in the West is bringing down aspects of the establishment in ways it knows best – democratically (people’s power), i.e., via elections and referendums. The various socioeconomic narratives of the governing elites are now spent forces/concepts with literally no credibility, particularly as seen from the point of view of the formidable challenges of equity, sustainability and peace, notwithstanding the usual rhetoric of the IV idiots and their likes. The dismal failure of the psychopathic elites (mostly politicians and their bosses – the corporate elites/executives/oligarchs) to deliver not only the goods, but also relevant knowledge as to our overall precarious existence, is becoming obvious, even to the gullible sheeple. Giving up on the elites, the sheeple is eying all sorts of alternatives, realistic or not. It is such moves that are rattling the goons of the status quo! Instead of admitting defeat and honestly engage the sheeple in tackling the protracted chronic problems of our world the greedy elites are callously fighting the inevitable, by manipulating facts and preaching outright lies. So far the results have not been what they expected. From Brexit to Trumpism and from potential Ital-exit to Frexit, etc. things don’t look very promising, at least to our customarily freeloading elites.

Moral and cultural decay, mostly associated with the ruling psychopaths, is being vehemently opposed by the waking sheeple. The decadent lifestyle of the rich and famous is not only abhorrent, but is also a wrong model to fight un-sustainability. Overall, the elites are now thoroughly discredited; nonetheless, they are not allowing alternatives to emerge. In fact, they are working hard to disrepute those trying to shape a new world order, based on the actual needs of the sheeple and the environment. The rage about ‘fake news’ is one such current issue the global elites are twisting to their advantage. As the late singer put it:  “You gotta remember, establishment, it’s just a name for evil. The monster doesn’t care whether it kills all the students or whether there’s a revolution. It’s not thinking logically, it’s out of control.”—John Lennon (1969). Good Day!