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Is Martin Nooy good enough to lead Saints to a new adventure?

After three wins in a row, including a 2-0 victory over hard to beat Dedebit FC, many fans believed that defending champions Saint George were on their way to respect in the international arena. After all in the last three games they’ve outscored their opponents 7-0.  The fourth week of the season  put a damper on their plans, however, as they shockingly stumbled in a 2-1 loss at the hands of new comers Fasil Town. After that loss two more games ended in ties.

With a seasoned Dutch head coach at the helm and the likes of Uganda’s number two goal keeper Robert Odungkara and five other strong players,  including the attacking midfielder  from Burkina Faso on the team, fans are wondering how the side that was once considered so formidable suddenly became so vulnerable.

It is too early to speculate about the season title.  The Saint’s likely hood of retaining the trophy is hardly in doubt for there appears no stronger side coming up in the pipe line. The club’s supporters have become spoiled and seem to feel entitled to the EPL title. Instead they dream of bigger things at the international level and thought that dream would come true this season.

Six matches into the season Saint George shares the top of the standings with Dedebit and Adama Town all with eleven points. There are goal differences among the three teams. With all resources at hand fans expected more from the Saints this season. Supporters are asking why the team has spent so much money on foreign talent only to have a defeat to Fasil Town, a home draw with visiting Adama Town followed by another goalless away draw to Sidama Bunna.

“Three matches without a win is unusual for my team and I am not confident in Martin Nooy’s capacity to lead the Saints to a new adventure which would be something huge at the African Champion League,” one supporter who requested anonymity said.

“I’m not really interested in the local title because it is obvious that Saint George is dominating the league with its superior resources. I am unhappy when it shoulders a place with Dedebit and Adama Town with local coaches and limited recourses,” remarked another.

“The culprit for its current performance I believe is the Dutch head coach and I am fed up with those rookie assistants that appear on TV with their lame excuses,” he added.

With African Champions League fixtures announced and the opening matches starting in two months,  Martin Nool, his staff and the squad have their work cut out for them  in order to come up with something fresh to show off for the diehard supporters.