Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

City to focus on cleaning demolished areas, land returned after bidders fail to show

The Addis Ababa Land Management Bureau announced that they have no plans to demolish more houses this fiscal year and will aggressively work to fully clean up the areas that are already demolished.

In the past year the city administration demolished over 20,000 houses located in Hana Mariam, and Lafto, due to illegal occupation while relocating many residents in America Gibe, Talian  Sefer, Dejache Webe and Arat  Killo  to other areas.

Nigusse Teshome, the Land Bureau’s Public Relations head told Capital that some work still needs to be done to clear sites in Addis with demolished houses.

“We don’t plan to demolish any new homes until we have completely cleared what we have demolished, the condominium houses and the city land bank are waiting for us to deliver the demolished areas and we are trying our best to clear the places and give them to the concerned bodies,” he said.

He added that the necessary compensation for the relocated people is underway although there have been some challenges.

“In some places we wasted several months because the title deed issues were not cleared and some cases were tied up in court which made it hard for us to pay the necessary compensation,” he explained.

According to the 2015 Knight Frank Wealth Report, Addis Ababa is currently growing at 3.8 percent per year. High migration aggravated illegal land occupation and forced the city to demolish old compounds to construct condo and business buildings.

In development news the Land Bureau sent the America Gibe (Merkato) 1,380 square meters to the land bank after the first and the second winners of the auction failed to show up to pay what they offered.

The city called second winner, Alshemes Electro PLC that offered 352,333 birr after Garden Real Estate first winner, which offered 355,000 birr per did not show up. However the second bidder did not show up as well.

Around 27 plots also were returned to the land bank from the 117 plots bid on during the 24th round of the Addis Land Management Bureau auction when the first and the second winners of the bid failed to pay their down payment on time.

The 25th round lease auction which was closed December 27 floated 127 plots of land in Kolfe, Nifas Sike and Akaki sub cities. Aakai floated 96 places while Kolfe and Nifas Sike floated 11 and 25 plots for house and business purposes. The winners of the auction will be officially announced next week.