Mistre Gossaye

Mistre Gossaye

Name:  Mistre Gossaye

Education: Degree in Computer Science

Company name: Bemister Home Accessories

Studio Title: Owner and manger

Founded in: 2015

What it does: Produces and sells home accessories

HQ: Bole, Snap Plaza building

Number of employees: Four

Startup capital:    3,000 Birr

Current capital:  Growing

Reasons for starting the business: I am very interested in producing home accessories

Biggest perk of ownership: Being able to put my ideas into action

Biggest strength: Overcoming challenges

Plan: Expanding my shop and becoming internationally competitive

First career: Marketing worker in a private company

Most interested in meeting: None

Most admired person: Steve Jobs

Stress reducer: Meeting with my friend

Favorite past-time: Working

Favorite book:  The Power of Now

Favorite destination: Rome

Favorite automobile:  Land Rover


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