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The Ethiopian Broadcasting Cooperation (EBC) announced plans to increase its audience size and advertising revenue.

Last fiscal year EBC earned half a billion birr in revenue an amount which, although not small, has stagnated lately as new competition has come from satellite television stations like Kana TV.

The new strategy will change the programming at EBC 1, EBC3, National Ethiopian Radio 93.1, FM 97.1 and the English station 104.7 which are all managed and controlled by the corporation. There will be new guidelines put in place to attract advertisers and satisfy listeners and viewers.

Gashaw Demisse, the head of advertising at EBC told Capital that the new strategy will emphasize the focus area of the stations.

“The nature of media is dynamic, nobody can work in radio or television with old principles, when time changes the demand of people also increases so we should update ourselves to meet the people’s demand, it is mandatory for us to change our strategy, we will revise each station’s program to enable us  to inform, entertain and educate people in a way that increases our audience and revenue,” he said.

Capital asked Gashaw if the Kana television station has impacted EBC’s revenue.

“When any new media enters the market there is competition but honestly speaking Kana has not made a significant impact on us, the advertising market is so untapped, there are a lot of business firms that have yet to introduce themselves to the media and it is a foolish argument to say that EBC is in danger due to the new stations. We reach all corners of the globe via satellite and we are the only TV that works without satellite dishes to reach the local population, which means we have a big market,” he said.

EBC’s primary goal, he says, is not profit.

“We are not a private business which restlessly works to make a high profit, we are a public institution  working to address the social, political and economic issues of the people in  addition to entertaining  them with drama, music and sports.’’

Currently EBC has more than 2,000 employees and it transmit programs in Amharic, Oromiffa, Tigregna, Afar, Somali, English, French, and Arabic.