Geopolitics in 2016


For a single year, 2016 was singular. 2016 saw significant global developments that were not fully anticipated by many a sheeple (human mass) or even an elite for that matter. Today we will restrict ourselves to developments in the regions of the larger Middle East and Europe. In 2016‘empire’ lost big time in the political arena of these particular regions! In Europe, the decision of the British sheeple to exit the European Union and other subsequent political tendencies supporting similar measures (more or less) highlighted the geopolitics of 2016. In addition to this, Russia’s bold foray in the Middle Eastern quagmire threw a monkey’s wrench into the whole works, maliciously designed by empire. Indications are; the general sentiment of the sheeple in the Middle East as well as in the European Union might not remain subdued to the old logic of empire, as pursued by the ‘deep state’!
The project to build gas pipelines from Qatar to Europe, via Syria came to a naught when the Syrian regime refused to go along with this very sought after enterprise of empire. There and then, it was decided to effect ‘regime change’, spearheaded by the reigning hegemon. One of the strategies employed to achieve this objective (of empire) was wholly predicated on the cooperation of disgruntled elements of the Syrian society. Extreme Sunni militants, supported by the oil kingdoms of the region, were selected as vanguards of the whole destabilization scheme, even though their ambitions, stated or otherwise, were known to be dangerously beyond the mere facilitation of the pipeline. The more the extreme the employed actors (to achieve the project), the better the chance of success; so calculated/miscalculated empire. As a result of this callous and cynical calculus, thousands perished and millions had to abandon their domicile. As usual, empire didn’t/doesn’t care much about the suffering of the Middle Eastern sheeple, so long as its planned project (the pipeline) was/is implemented and remained/remains well under its vital jurisdiction, directly or indirectly!
Such an ambitious project of empire, not supported by the prevailing government of Syria, to say nothing about the Syrian sheeple, is/was not going to be easy to pull off, so to speak. Besides the obvious destructions in Syria, the current ‘refugee problem’ is also another of the unexpected consequence. This latest adventure of empire in Syria, Lybia, Yemen, etc. might also have awakened, albeit inadvertently, the sleeping European sheeple to the reality of empire’s ongoing blunders across the planet. When the so-called rightist, such as Le Pen of France, advocate the withdrawal of France from both NATO & EU, it is obvious that something is afoot! Expectedly, the ‘deep state’ finds the wholesale rejection of its sinister maneuvering, by the Middle Eastern and European sheeple surprising. Characteristically, empire is now feverishly working to come up with yet another stupid narrative to hoodwink the already suffering sheeple, before emergent global articulations steal its heart! The assertive roles of Russia, Iran and China in the Middle East is bound to have an impactful consequence in the geopolitics of Europe itself, to the dismay of the hegemon. To some extent, ‘Trump-ism’ itself is a reaction by the 99.99% against the unbridled greed of the .01%, the handlers of the ‘deep state’!
The intransigence of the Europeans, in regards to the important issue of Turkey joining the EU, soured relations between the two entities. The failed coup d’état against Erdogan (Turkey) also emboldened the survivor to forge hitherto unprecedented alliance with Russia and to some extent Iran. As a result, the country that boasts NATO’s second largest standing army, is probably lost to empire, if not for good, at least for a foreseeable future. Iraq is also carving its own ways outside of the logic of empire and in particular to the diktat of the hegemon. Moreover and as it stands, Saudi Arabia’s adventure in Yemen is visibly failing. As the various proxy aggressors have neither the stamina nor the commitment, to say nothing about the absence of moral imperative on their part, the situation in Yemen might not drag for long. Once situations stabilize in Syria, the formidable non-state fighters of the Aleppo/Syria war theater will probably descend on the battlefields of Yemen. Outcomes can be anticipated, rather easily, unless of course empire, out of desperation, decides to directly engage in the Yemeni war, altogether discarding the feeble proxies!
Admitted or not, 2016 has ushered multilateralism on the grounds of the Middle East and Europe! Humanity must get rid of the existing psychopath-driven regime of blind accumulation that is ruining life on earth, per force! A supremely enlightened and benevolent alternative that respects life and all life-support systems of our precarious planet must replace the existing money-worshiping god of our destructive modern world system. Whether we like it or not, destroying everything that is of value in collective human existence is anathema to our souls or even to our base animal instincts, which so far have served us well, willy-nilly. As the old Ethiopian proverb teaches; “If you spit laying down, it will only splash on your face.” Good Day & Good Year!”