Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Rent controlled homes offered for gov’t teachers

The Addis Ababa City Administration Housing Management Agency announced it would draw a lottery for 5,000 condo houses for government school teachers next month in order for them to rent them at a fair price.

From the total of 14,000 government school teachers 10,000 of them have been selected for the lottery. They had to bring documents to the Addis Ababa Education Bureau documenting their experience, number of family, and a certified letter from the Kebele testifying that they do not own any other house.

Some senior teachers who have been working for a long time will qualify for the homes without having to go through the lottery process. Primary, secondary and high school teachers all qualify.

Of the total houses that can be rented in this program; 1,418 are studios 2,825 are one bedroom and 757 are two bedrooms.

The houses come from latest census of the administration. These condos were previously illegally occupied. Girma Tessema head of public relations at the Agency told Capital that the detail regulation of the houses has already been prepared explaining the agreement between the agency and the teachers.

“We are proud to do this, teachers are the bedrock of any society and like other people with moderate incomes it is hard for them to find affordable housing,” he said.

The rent price is yet to be determined, but the teachers will have to leave the houses if they leave their jobs with the government school. If they retire they have to vacate the home after a year.

Other attempts have been made to reduce high teacher turnover. Driba Kuma, Mayor of Addis Ababa promised to construct homes for teachers, salaries were also increased. A junior degree holder’s salary increased from 2197 to 3137 birr.

Anbessa  and Sheger bus lines have offered free service for about 21,000 teachers, including TVET teachers, school directors, supervisors and trainers in the city. The annual cost of the service is estimated to be over 40 million birr.