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PM confirms share sale of ESLSE

PM Hailemariam Desalegn

On his latest press conference Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn confirmed that his government is on the process to sell share of the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) for undisclosed company.

Recently it was stated that the Chinese logistics giant China Merchant Group (CMG) is under negotiation with the government to take share on the state owned enterprise, while government officials declined for confirmation.

The PM said that his government will sale share on ESLSE on the aim to boost the logistics service. “We are considering to sale share on ESLSE is not that the enterprise does not have a capacity but need to expand it,” he told media outlets on the press conference held on Monday January 9.

The state owned CMG has become one of the major logistics firm in the world. In 2013 the company bought over 23 percent share on the Djibouti Port Authority, which is the major logistics hub for Ethiopia.

The Chinese government is expanding its legs on the logistics hubs in the world to realize the 21st century Silk Road Initiative that targeted to boost the logistics investment through the world.

The Ethiopian logistics enterprise, ESLSE is the multimodal monopoly that endorsed five years ago. Recently the government has drafted a directive that will include the private sector to join the multimodal scheme on subcontract bases under ESLSE.

Sources at Ministry of Transport recently told Capital that the Chinese public enterprise delegation visited the ministry to discuss about the issue.

The logistics sector is protected for Ethiopians only.