What next to Ethiopia Bunna after Vucicevic’s sacking?


Less than six months in the hot seat former champions Ethiopia Bunna booted out Serbian head coach Nebojša Vučićević to give the reign to interim coach Gezahne Ketema and former team captain currently with the junior side Edelu Dereje. Amazingly enough Gezhne led Ethiopia Bunna to the club’s first ever convincing 2-1 win of the season on Tuesday over visitors Hawassa Town.

The Serbian’s sacking was long expected for the club’s performance as well the result was nothing to talk about with two wins, four draws and three defeats. The season opening heavy defeat to Dedebit, the shocking 1-0 home defeat to new comers Fasil Town then the final straw a 1-0 away rout at the hands of Woldya Town, it appeared that the club officials gave an extra patience to the former Partizan Belgrade striker having little experience with African football.

Though Ethiopia Bunna stands the most notorious for hiring and firing of coaches with the longest who served was Seyoum Abate credited for making the side a prominent force in Ethiopian Football, critics believe the main problem is more to those in power of hiring and firing the coaches. “It is always through under the table deals the coaches arrive. There appears no one who takes responsibility for the hiring and no one taking accountability when things go wrong like now. Firing a coach in mid season has a bigger effect in the club’s result but no one cares about it” one critic suggested. “The person behind Vučićević’s appointment should have been responsible for the failure but there is no one in the picture” added the critics.

Kassaye Arage, Tilahun Mengesha and Paulos Getachew (Mango) had served as the club’s interim coaches and won trophies. But all sent home at the start of a new season despite what they delivered in so short period. The same fate might fall over Gezahne and Edilu if defeats come their way. But the club’s officials need some time to think about who to be appointed and club supporters need to give sometime for whom ever taking the hot seat. The problem with foreign coaches serving in Ethiopia is they can hardly understand our psychology that is totally different from those they knew in other African countries. A home grown coach having every support from all parties (Players, officials, backroom staffs and supporters) is the best hope for Ethiopia Bunna that won a league title only ones and that is under head coach Wubetu Abate currently with Hawassa Town.