Youssouf Hawa Ahmed for Commissioner to Political Affairs at the African Union Commission


Capital supports the candidature of Mrs. Youssouf Hawa Ahmed for the post of Commissioner to Political Affairs at the African Union Commission.
Mrs. Youssouf Hawa Ahmed was the first woman minister in the Djibouti government. She currently serves as co-chair for the international support group for Madagascar and as special representative of the chairperson of the AUC for that nation as well.
She has overall 15 years of experience working on African issues and development projects as well as managing crisis in Africa. She has helped organize elections in the Central African Republic and Madagascar.
She is a strong woman whose skills have been tested in managing conflicts and crisis in Africa, particularly in Central Africa, Madagascar, and Comoros.
Her platform focuses on strengthening human rights, maintaining close relationships with other intergovernmental bodies like the UN, EU and the African private sector and strengthening relationships with organizations that promote peace and security at the AU.
Mrs. Hawa Ahmed wants to help continue to make the AU more visible and credible as well as contribute to the on-going reform of the Commission.
We believe that she has the experience and background to accomplish these goals. Perhaps her greatest strength is her pragmatism – her ability to build consensus and solve problems. She has a strong work ethic, and has risen through the political ranks in Djibouti as a trailblazing woman leader. She’s also published a book on women entrepreneurs in Djibouti.