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Despite the recent refugee crisis that has forced European donors to retreat from funding nongovernmental organization projects in different countries, Menschen für Menschen Foundation (MfM) disclosed that it is continuing with its usual operation.

However, the foundation admits that the crisis in Europe has affected its operation in Ethiopia.

MfM officials said that their reserves have helped them to continue their services.

“It is an unexpected incident for us that has significantly affected our activity and budget from 2013 to 2015, but we tackled the challenge from our reserve that was secured before the refuge crisis,” Yilma Taye, Program Director of MfM, told Capital.

In addition to the refugee crisis in Europe, for the last couple of years we have also been affected by the death of our leader Karlheinz Boehm, who passed away in May 2014.

“Due to the positive evaluation of an international consultant about our operation in Ethiopia we have been able to grab the attention of donors to complete projects in the 2016 budget,” he explained.

“It is getting hard to raise fund for other projects,” Rupert Weber, Co-chairperson and executive board member of MfM Austria, told Capital.

“We have to report about our success here and have invited experts from University of Vienna to look at our positive impact in order to obtain new funding,” the board member said.

“At the moment we have to reduce our budget,” he added.

The independent evaluation of nongovernmental organizations by the consultant has caused donors to trust them, according to the officials at the organization.

The social return analysis of the Vienna Economics University evaluation identified that the MfM one euro investment in the society enabled us to expand to 26 euro within the society mainly to empower women .

The independent evaluation helped the organization to mobilize more finance to continue its projects and launch additional ones.

A week ago MfM launched an integrated rural development project in Jeldu Wereda, West Shoa zone of Oromia region.

The project that will support farmers to improve their crop and livestock production, potable water accessibility and other gender and environmental based activities took place for three years. MfM Austria is the financer of the project at Jeldu.

MfM has other 13 projects in different regions.

The NGO that is focused on pro-poor projects in different part of the country has obtained local and international recognition.

MfM, established 35 years ago by Karl-heinz Boehm, works to improve the livelihood of the Ethiopian community and has achieved many milestones.