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To sort out fake traditional healers from legitimate ones, the Addis Ababa Food, Medicine, Health Care Administration and Control Authority (AFMHACA) created a new regulation as of January 8. Traditional healers

Will be required to have sanitary rooms, neat treatment rooms compounds and basic knowledge of their service. Traditional healers will also need to register before being able to practice. This means all traditional healers will have to apply to the AFMHACA to be registered.

Historically traditional healers have operated relatively free from government interference. The chemistry of their medicine will not be regulated or evaluated.

Traditional healers play a significant role for people who follow Ethiopian cultural beliefs. There are more than 200 traditional healers across Addis Ababa.

Alemtshay Paulso, the vice director of AFMHAC told Capital that the registration will improve traditional healing.

“We strongly believe that traditional healers are important to our healthcare but we have observed that the sector will be negatively affected if we do not control them. So now we have prepared a registration so we can know who is doing what and at least try to regulate the healers based on the state of the office they work in,” he said.

Alemtshay said that when their capacity and technology improves they will try to evaluate the medicine they are using.

There is virtually no commercial cultivation of the plants and animals used in traditional remedies, which are mostly harvested from the wild. As a result some of the most highly prized indigenous plants, such as Kosso leaf, have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

Traditional medicine (TM), variously known as ethno-medicine, folk medicine, native healing, or complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), is the oldest form of health care. It is an ancient and culture-bound method of healing that humans have used to cope and deal with various diseases that have threatened their existence and survival .

Usually Medical doctors advise Ethiopians not to take   the advice and the medicine of traditional healers, but many still look to them for help.

In related news AFMHACA charged 8 people working in health stations with forged licenses. The people were selling medicine and treating people in the clinics. Their cases are now being heard in court.