Banker’s Pride


The Ethiopian Bankers Association recognized three former bank presidents during a ceremony held Thursday February 9, while the recently removed president of the Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE), Esayas Bahire was recognized in absentia.

The association president who is also the  president of Debub Global Bank said that the board of directors amended a resolution to recognize  former bank presidents that left their position in 2016.

The two former presidents Haileyesus Bekele, former president of the merged Construction and Business Bank under the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, and Eshetu Fantaye, former president of Bunna International Bank  attended the recognition event. Sources said that the association’s effort to invite Esayas was unfruitful.

Esayas, served the state owned bank for a long time before he was replaced by Getahun Nanna, former vice governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia two months ago.

Haileyesus, who also managed the dissolved state owned bank, is now the vice president at DBE.