Ethio-Film Week, an Ethiopian-Israeli cinema event to be held in Addis


As Ethiopia’s film industry grows bigger and wider and as more & more films and original TV shows are being produced each year, EML Events is organizing a week of workshops, screenings and networking for the booming industry.

Last year a successful workshop week regarding DJ culture was organized. During the week we had 12 different workshops that were facilitated by professionals both from Ethiopia and worldwide; UK, USA, Czech Republic, Israel, and Norway. The workshop was a success and created an on-going response from Addis Ababa’s creative community.

During the Ethio-Film Week, partnering with The Israeli Embassy, Addis Ababa University, Sappir Academic Collage, Israel’s largest public collage, Cinema South Film Festival, EML Events is presenting an open to public workshop week which will mix glamour with education.

Movie stars as well as academic faculty staff will provide useful tools and spark inspiration on subjects revolving cinema. During the week students, industry people and film enthusiasts will get the chance to learn about everything from animation to score design and with master classes of key artists like Abebe Balcha and Henok Ayele.

A couple of international artists will give workshops too, the award winning composer Ishai Adar will give a three day workshop about music for film and the acclaimed actor, Ishai Golan, known from his National Geographic TV show “street food around the world” airing on DSTV and FOX LIFE and original cast of the world-famous TV show – “Homeland” will give a 2 day acting class.