SDG Goals

Yinager Dessie

Ethiopia’s accomplishment during the first two years of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) will be evaluated at an event in July at the United Nations High Political Forum.
Yinager Dessie (PhD), commissioner of the National Planning Commission, said that regional planning commissions are developing the report that will be presented at the UN evaluation.
On Friday February 17 the commission and affiliated regional public offices began a two day consultative forum to develop the report.
The report that will be accomplished before the end of June will be ratified by the Council of Ministers for final approval. The evaluation will take place as per the request of the UN and the positive acceptance of the country, who also expected that the report and evaluation would bring about a positive impact on the developmental activity of the country. Yinager said that different parties will be included in the development of the report to make it fact based.