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Modern states/societies have developed quite a knack for manipulating their sheeple, (human mass) without employing much coercion. If truth be told, modern societies are nothing more than dystopian constructs of the Huxley-ian genre (Adolf Huxley). On the other hand, traditional societies or what still remains of them, tend to stick to the visibly obvious, as theyare ‘unsophisticated’ and their states have less resources/tools (both physical & institutional) to pursuerefined manipulativetechnics. As a result, truth/facts are/were upheld without much superficial consternation, unless of course religions or other metaphysical inclinations are/were let loose on society as a whole.
At this point in history, it might be more appropriate to label the so-called traditional societies as mere transitional; as they are determined to pursue their ‘development’ trajectories based, almost exclusively, on the beaten track.In contrast to the industrially advanced countries of the West, societies in transition are more eager to utilize brute force as opposed to subtle persuasion, to have their ways with their sheeple. In other words, they are closer tothe Orwellian dystopia than is the case in the sophisticated West! Nonetheless, transitional societies are in a fix. Figuring outhow to handle their existence vis-à-vis the collapsing biosphere, to say nothing about the accelerating demise of the modern world systemin which they are all situated, is a daunting task, to say the least. Despite the prevailing superficial and cynical rhetoric of the global status quo, there is just no way to alleviate the protracted problems of transitional societies, withoutdeeply and honestly appreciating their current as well as impending predicament within the existing global order. Unless these societies persistently pursuea more sustainable trajectory, outside the prescription of the reigning narrative,their future is bound to be shaky!
The overriding objective of humanity should be an urgent project to conceive and implement a more resilient green economy with a workable social order! Unfortunately, instead of entertaining a new global scheme that can potentially secure peace and stability; dominant interestshave decided to become increasinglybellicose to all and sundry.As problems intensify, the usual tendency of entrenched interests isto push the same old ‘growth paradigm’ as a panaceato all our myriad problems. From climate change to nuclear weapons, from financial crisis to mass migration, etc. what is continuously suggestedis not an open and honest discussion/debate about potential solutions (to what ails the world) but rather the propagation of lies, damn lies and statistics, to use Twain’s description. In this whole callous calculus, the sheeple is intentionally put to sleep, so to speak. ‘Scientific Indoctrination’ a la Edward Bernays is now a common feature of all states, strong or otherwise. See Brandon Smith’s article next column and others on page 44.
The dominant global media/Main Stream Media (MSM), as part and parcel of the‘deep state’, is fully engaged in the on-going global indoctrination process. Be that as it may, recent findings seem to indicate the global sheeple is finally waking up from its long slumber. No wonder, the ‘deep state’ is deeply disturbed. (Deep state = military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media complex.) When the US President speaks (in a round about ways) about the obvious truth that the US government actually and regularly kills people (under various pretexts) in many countries, many an indoctrinated audience gets shocked, not because what was said is incorrect, but telling the truthin public is a no-no! See the article on page 45. This insanity has now come to dominate discourses in the global interstate system. Pathetic! Unless the sheeple is told the truth, or is allowed to find out on its own, (when possible) going forward might not be all that harmonious and peaceful. Sticking to the old Bernays’ logic cannot bring amicable solutions to our vexing problems. However effective the old technic has been up to now, it might not stand against the formidable contraption of the Internet. Modern informatics has rendered the monopoly of information untenable! Moreover, the sheeple has also become increasingly aware of the futility of theout rightly idiotic paradigm of the modern world system, namely: ‘non-stop growth on a finite planet possible’!
Admitted or not, in our current scenario, it is not humanity that issustaining and creating appropriate global values, which still remainthe non-negotiable core to sustaining peaceful coexistence.Today, it is capital that has become our true moral counselor/guide! For example, the sheeple might resolve that burningfossil fuel is suicidal; but the overriding decisions in such matters will be settled by capital and capital alone (in most cases), via its psychopathic minions. To further this objective, the consolidation of the media has become paramount. Currently, there are only a handful of media organizations dominating the airwaves. In fact, there are only six corporations that account for over 90% of broadcasting in the US, by extension, a good portion of the world. In addition to these, the few state owned media outlets merely follow the template/diktat of the value-setting dominant corporate ones! Even though these private media outlets are losing money by the bushel, they keep on going, because they are already owned by wealthy ‘god fathers’ with deep pockets. After all,media is not a mere business geared towards the sole purpose of making profit. It is a powerful tool to influence (create destructive values; like upholding the ‘values’ of lies, etc.) and unleash distorted views/opinions on the unsuspecting sheeple. The truth is;in the market place, the global sheeple has started to turn off MSM, since their lies have become very obvious and suffocating! ‘Fake News’, to use President Trump’s phrasing!
The global sheeple needs community owned media outlets committed to conveying truth/facts. In late modernity, advertisement money oppressively & effectively muzzles truth/facts in the private media, whilestate owned ones only choose to followthe party (ruling) line. To have independent and viable media, the state must avail public resources, including money, to organizations that are run independently for the sole benefit of informing and enlightening the public at large! This should be done without interference in regards to, amongst other things,contents and editorials! After all, being well informed and truthfully so, is another of the modern ‘Commons’ and should not be treated as if it were the concern of only special interests.Amongst the major prevailing media outlets in the world, only ‘Russia Today’ comesclosest to the ideal of independent media. Other countries must try to come up with their own media that are fully dedicated to ‘truth telling.’ This is especially important in countries where the sheeple is still very sheeple-ish (innocent of the hidden workings of the modern world system) like in Africa.Beware; indoctrination instigates insurrection!”In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth. In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.” Rep. Ron Paul (R) of Texas. “He who knows the truth and calls it a lie is a criminal.”Bertolt Brecht. Good Day!