Shiferaw Asrat

Shiferaw Asrat
Shiferaw Asrat

Name: Shiferaw Asrat

Education: Diploma in Human Resource Management

Company: Limalimo Lodge

Studio Title: Shareholder and Manger

Founded: 2016

What it does: Provides rooms and food for tourists

HQ: Debarke (Gonder)

Number of employees: 40

Startup capital: 20 million birr

Current capital: Growing

Reasons for starting the business: To serve tourists

Biggest perk of ownership: Doing what I want

Biggest strength: Working in partnership with my community

Plan: To have a more eco friendly business

First career: Tourist guide

Most interested in meeting: Former US President Obama

Most admired person: Bill Gates

Stress reducer: Walking

Favorite past-time: Working

Favorite book: Cutting for Stone, [Abraham Verghese]

Favorite Movie: Game of Thrones

Favorite destination: Bahir Dar

Favorite automobile: Range Rover