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In the coming decades, nation states need to devise alternative systems to replace traditional wage employment for the benefit of the majority of their sheeple (human mass.) A more holistic approach, not only to productive engagement, but also to life in general, must be envisioned in place of the unsatisfying (to a large majority) occupations of prevailing capitalism. Nonetheless, due to structural changes taking place within the system itself (technological dominance), even the current mind-numbing works are bound to become increasingly unavailable!

If truth be told, the modern world system owes all of its successes, literally speaking, to the discovery of cheap energy, namely fossil fuel. In all likelihood, humanity will not be lucky to have such a convenient, relatively safe cheap source of energy in the future, establishment rhetoric aside! No matter what, humanity should avoid the wholesome imperative of the techno-sphere, which has taken charge of our lives. For a start, certain technologies must be rejected out rightly, as they undermine life itself. For example, the sheeple should not be fooled or coerced into accepting the continuous use of ‘nuclear power’, in all its various forms. This extremely dangerous, but highly hyped (by entrenched interests) source of energy, which is not cheap at all, even in the shallow financial sense (‘too cheap to meter’ nonsense), must be severely interrogated from the point of view of the biosphere, with a view to make a complete stop to its utilization, as it is inherently anti-life, irrespective of the different approaches being attempted to unleash its massive energy, fission or fusion (even if it is possible)!

The current economic model, which has been instrumental in employing multitudes, (source of surplus value), both in the formal and informal sectors (at least for the last five hundred years) seem to be in disarray, as it faces shortages of resources as well as arising dis-functionalities in its traditional operations. The ever-expanding desire of the techno-sphere to fulfill its own internal imperatives, without due regard to the needs of humans, is and will remain the most formidable challenge humanity has to face in the 21st century! This is just another way of stating all the relevant issues of the day; ‘climate change’, resource depletion, etc., etc. For instance, the replacement of wage-earning humans by non-remunerated robotic workforce will bring unforeseen dynamics to the dominant system. Automation and robotics are replacing labor, hardcore (proletariat) or otherwise, with attendant consequences to social organizations. Labor unions are vanishing faster than fossil fuel and the old mass employment might not come back again, however much the politicos desire/preach it. Even the so-called service industries will increasingly become inaccessible to wage seeking humans. The major obstacle in humanly addressing the conundrum of cheap energy shortages, unemployment and environmental degradation (including climate change) is, as usual, the intransigence of dominant capital!

Monopoly finance capital, which now dictates, not only global economic policies, but also (almost) all aspects of human existence, is not keen to change its ways. It would rather wage wars; destroy the biosphere (ecocide), cause genocides and destabilize nations, etc. before it is forced to come to its non-human senses. To be fair, abstracted and temporal capital is not human, hence doesn’t give a damn if humanity vanishes tomorrow. Therefore, what must be done is deal with the parasitic minions, mostly psychopaths/sociopaths, at the service of this monstrous dictator! Hiding behind extracted and neutered notion, such as ‘capital’ (even though it is, by and large,dead labor), should not be used as a license to override the core essentials on which collective human existence is based! The prevailing polarizing globalization, which allows the unbridled movement of capital, while curtailing free movement of labor, is behind the increasing chaos in the world system. The fact is; the ongoing wars in MENA (Middle East & Africa) are resource wars instigated by transnational capital, without due regard to the sheeple’s welfare! The current mass exodus from MENA to countries of the rich is a reaction, admitted or not, to war breeding truncated globalization. Centralized bureaucracies in the rich countries (OECD) that usurped the will of the people (without being directly elected), and always eager to impose the diktat of transnational capital on them, (like the EU & NATO) are now confronted with the wrath of the masses, again as a result of unbridled globalization!

Here is a pertinent question to transnational capital and through it, to the pathetic psychopaths/sociopaths, who blindly worship under its altar; how is income to be distributed to breathing drones so they can buy stuff (consumerism) from those efficient non-breathing proletarian souls or roboterians for short? Why should global humanity allow the visible destruction of the biosphere so that the sickos (absolute minorities) can have their ways? Difficult as it is, the poorer countries of the world system must face such unfolding developments/facts of life that are bound to devastate them, both physically and psychologically. Remaining stupidly compliant to the prevailing world order cannot be a solution. Or lazily trying to copy what has happened elsewhere will not bring ‘nirvana’ to the destitute of our earth. Creative thinking, not ‘copy catting’, is of the essence today!

We admit; the capacity of our leaders (not only political ones) in this department leaves a (whole) lot to be desired, particularly in places like Africa. Our so-called leaders, who themselves are at the mercy of the system don’t even seem to understand what is going on in the belly of the beast/world system. Their stupid posturing, besides being embarrassing and irritating, is actually driving away capacity in droves. Articulation of viable alternatives demands the efforts of humanity’s best, and not the placement of multitude mediocrities, compliment of manipulative politicos on behalf of their true boss, transnational capital! These fools might not know it, but the polished parroting of their learned nonsense make them sound like useless idiots, worse than the proverbially infamous ones-the useful idiots.“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” Charles Mackay. Good Day!