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A local firm, CNET Software Technologies PLC who spent 13 years developing and selling software, plans to build an IT database center which will feature cloud computing.

The 8,000sqm center which is located at Ethio ICT village in Jemmo  will feature software development and call research centers and  an auditorium .

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, Minister of Communication and Information Technology laid the cornerstone of the center which is expected to create jobs for over 1,000 citizens.

A local contactor named JY will construct the first phase of the center in 18 months. The center is expected to consume 87 million birr. The second phase is waiting for a loan from DBE and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

“It is good to see a local firm investing in IT despite the big challenges. As a government we are going to do our communication and information work with modern IT software and systems and this type of investment  is one of the areas that we need a ton of support in because it advances us  one step ahead in addition  to  creating jobs for  our young graduates .’’

According to Bemnet Demisse Managing Director of CNET, Cloud computing enables companies to use a computer resource, such as a virtual machine, storage or an application, as a utility – just like electricity – rather than having to build and maintain computing infrastructures in house.

He further indicated that more than 50 percent of the evolution in IT over the next five years will be around cloud computing. Research is progressing by the minute in varied related fields including virtualization, networking, storage, security, management of cloud services, efficient cloud architectures, massive multi-tenancy, hybrid environments, and design of cloud applications and services.

“When we complete our center, companies don’t need to construct a data base center, they simply come to us to store, communicate with customers or with branches by using our central database center.’’

The Managing Director says finance and getting qualified IT professionals is still a challenge .

“Banks give priority for hotels or manufacturing companies but without IT we cannot catch the global world and IT should also get loans to promote investment.’’

“We also have many graduates in IT but they are not graduating with the needed advanced skills.”

Tecno Mobile is working to produce hardware in Ethio ICT village which lies on 200 hectares and many sheds in the village are waiting on potential investors.