Nestle introduces new packaging for its powdered milk


Nestlé Ethiopia has come out with a 25 gram packet of NIDO FortiGrow, powdered milk, in hopes of making the product more affordable to families. According to the Head of Nestlé in Ethiopia Wossenyeleh Fiker, the 25g pack will be readily available providing parents the opportunity to provide daily nutrition to their children.

“We understand that we are operating in tough economic times, many parents want the best for their children in terms of performing well and being active at school and at home.  Selling this packet at an affordable price shows our commitment to providing  a nutritious product for the healthy growth and development of children,” said Wossenyeleh.

The NIDO 25g product will retail at seven birr.

  • Mulugeta Andargie

    Guys!!! Before the competition starts the two governments should agree on the process of actions if there would be refusal of demands. Otherwise, the individuals are hurting the country’s economy.

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