UK supports Ethiopian Peacekeeping


On Friday 24th February 2017, The FDRE Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC) graduated students who completed short term training provided by the centre with UK support.

For United Nations Security Council members like UK and Ethiopia, global peace and security is a top priority. Nowhere is this more relevant than in Africa with 60 percent of conflicts and 90 percent of the peacekeeping budget spent on P&S here, what happens in Africa is extremely important to both countries.

The UK is committed to working with African institutions to more effectively reduce, manage and resolve conflicts here. This includes working with the African Union and Regional Economic Communities where we seek to build the capacity and consistency of peacekeeping interventions on the continent.

Ethiopia plays a critical role in this, both within the region and across the continent. Its provision of peacekeepers to multiple UN and AU missions is hugely important, for example in the Sudans and Somalia.

While handing out certificates, Ambassador Susanna Moorehead congratulated trainees for successfully completing courses provided by the centre with UK support.

“Global peace and security are important for both the UK and Ethiopia. The UK aims to support efforts to end some of the world’s most destabilizing conflicts. It has a long history of supporting UN and AU peacekeeping. Ethiopia is critical to security in the region and more widely, and its provision of troops to multiple UN & AU peace operations is hugely important,” he said.