Hessou the cornerstone of the Ethiopia Bunna revolution

Hariston Hessou

As Hariston Hessou squeezed his huge frame into the miniature goalmouth during Thursday’s training, one got a sense of how the Ethiopia Bunna net will look to any Defence Force player who confronts him at Addis Ababa Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Great goalkeepers shrink goalmouths and few dispute that Hessou, even at 23, is on his way to greatness.

From humble beginnings, Benin international goalkeeper Hariston Hessou explains that what is seemingly impossible can be real after cementing his place  with the Ethiopia Premier League giants Ethiopia Bunna.

The former AS Police and Dragon SC custodian started his professional stint with Congolese side AS Cheminots in 2015 before crossing to Ethiopia Bunna where he has found his new home. Excerpts;

Tell us how you started your career?

I started playing football way back as a small young boy in the capital city of Benin before joining real soccer in 2009 when I joined AS Police in the second division league.

From there I joined Dragon FC before moving to Congo to play for AS Cheminots before joining my new home at Ethiopia Bunna.

Are you happy with your overall performance?

I am very happy with how I have performed in the league. As a club our ambition was to finish in the top.

We started the tournament on the wrong foot when we lost our first match and we had some other negative results which lead us into a complicated situation.

Again on a personal level I am proud with my season even though as a player you always have to push yourself and think that it could have been better.

How do you rate the Ethiopia Premier League?

Ethiopian Premier League is very interesting and well structured. My first season was a little bit difficult but I quickly adapted myself and we had a nice season. My view on the Ethiopian championship is that it’s unstable and tactical. I’ve played in Benin and in Congo and let’s say the difference here is that there is no physical impact through it’s a beautiful championship.

How do you rate Benin football?

Benin football us also interesting and has good players. The problem is the league is not regular, that’s why we often move out of our country. Therefore there are a lot of young Benin talents all over the continent.

Recently you won a trophy in  Benin. How did you achieve that?

It’s the first time I have received that trophy. It’s an award given by a sport web site in my country. It has been in existence for many years and it’s well known for awarding Benin players’ performances. I’m really excited to have won it.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Like any young football player, my ambition is to grow and become famous in football, to play at the top level with the highest teams in the highest championships in the world and take top awards.

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