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The flag carrier of Djibouti, Air Djibouti, is planning to partner with airline companies operating in the region, including Ethiopian and Kenya Airlines. “We first want to work with Ethiopian Airlines and next Kenya Airways to increase our traffic here,” Mario Fulgoni, CEO of Air Djibouti said to Capital.

“Djibouti has a special and strategic location and since Addis Ababa and Nairobi are close by, we need to cooperate with airlines there so we can maximize the traffic and efficiency and bring prices down to help to develop the east African economy,” he explained.

“We can look at things like code sharing, interlining and managing our schedules so we can give the most efficient service to the public rather than compete. This will benefit the whole economy in east Africa,” Fulgoni said.

“We have high level schedule meetings with the major carriers to come up with ideas for cooperation in the region,” he added.

Cargo service is also expected to be established between Ethiopian and Air Djibouti, according to the CEO.

He said that he will have a high level meeting with Ethiopian Airlines’ officials to talk about the issue.

Air Djibouti hopes to use its strategic location to maintain a thriving logistics operation.

“We have six destinations in different parts of the region and plan on expanding to twenty in the coming 18 months,” he said. Flights to London will begin in July and then eventually Paris.

The airline founded in 1963 began as Red Sea Airlines. It was dissolved in 2002and re-launched in May 2015 after Djibouti signed a management deal with British-based Cardiff Aviation, owned by Bruce Dickinson who is well known for being the lead singer of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Air Djibouti is operating two planes and is expected to grow its fleet to 15 in the coming two year.