Dedebit’s Asrat Haile blames everyone except himself


Even though Dedebit has a lot of talent they have performed below expectations.

The pairing of Getaneh Kebede and Dawit Fekadu expected to be a deadly strike partnership. But Dawit has not scored a single goal in the past eighteen matches despite averaging 15 a season. Lone striker Getaneh has not been producing and even though building a team around a defensive mid fielder is unheard of Asrat blamed the sudden injury of defensive midfielder Asrat Megersa minutes before the kick-off dismantled his overall tactical maneuver thus sharing points with Ethiopia Bunna. Asrat failed to mention why Bunna dominated.

What is amazing about the most successful club coach in the country Asrat Haile is that he has blamed everyone except himself including    the referees, his players, the field and the journalists after a 3-2 defeat to Saint George.

Critics have now focused their spear against Asrat and are blaming his defensive tactical approach. “He always sends Getaneh away by himself to score goals out of nowhere and that is what is happening every week,” suggested one critic.