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Finally there are more than two serious contenders in the Ethiopian Women soccer league as Oromia’s representative Adama Town and the southern region heavy weight Hawassa Town emerging as forces to be reckoned with.

Though Dedebit dominated the ball possession and created a number of scoring chances; including two that just barely missed from leading scorer Losa Aberra and partner Senait Bogale, Adama Town fought for a scoreless tie against mighty Dedebit, which boasts more than six national team players.  The team spirit and performance showed that Adama’s young players are ready for the big time. Stopping Losa, who has already bagged 26 goals is one thing but the team work that created such a solid defense was a huge under taking. Now they have 34 points in 14 matches and are second in the table seven points behind the leaders.

With a shocking 1-0 away victory over home side Ethiopia NegedBank, visitors Hawassa Town took football fans by sheer surprise. Not only is  Hawassa close to the leading spot but they also sent a message to heavy-weights that there are more than two actors in the theater. A seasoned head Coach Berhanu Gizaw at the helm, eight well experienced national team players in the squad and at home, Hawassa managed victory and showed they are also on the rise.

Newly formed Gedeo-Dilla also appears to be on the upswing. They have 23 points from 14 matches Gedeo sits fourth in the group and are sure to go up the ladder in the remaining matches. The coming season appears to be the best of times for Women’s football worshippers.