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Ineptitude is costly

It is only when things start to go decidedly wrong, citizens begin to ask pertinent questions about their predicaments. In good times important tissues relevant to their (citizens) general wellbeing tend to be relegated to the back burner, so to speak. To be sure, most of the global citizenry is without much of a foresight about the bigger pictures of collective existence. The average sheeple (human mass) doesn’t seem to have the penchant for insightful observation, be it about the past nor the present. Hence, the sheeple is destined to regard many eventual encounters as complete surprises. It is only those competently engaged that can potentially forecast (relatively accurately) the outlines of pending developments. It is because of this failure, mostly on the account of the incompetency of the power that be, repetitive social chaos continue to haunt collective humanity!

In this regard, the inability to see/foresee the demise of the prevailing world order is bound to have serious ramifications. Recognized or not, the current world system, which has been around for about half a millennium has entered its final disintegrating/bifurcation phase. Outcomes will not be pleasant, however much the global status quo pushes its regular numbing palliative narratives. To alleviate some of the major problems associated with the impending collapse, collective humanity must take firm stand against tendencies to bring back or preserve remnants of the old system. Humanity should thrive to institute a global regime that is more egalitarian, more democratic and more resiliently sustainable. Neglecting such a comprehensively economic, social and ethical agenda will open space for more of the same, like the rigidly hierarchical, hence polarizing social reality of the past, continuous past to be more precise. To this end, we must, from the outset, dispel many of the common misconceptions that pervade all cultures and societies. For instance, we should insist that institutions of orientations or more precisely, ‘institutions of indoctrination’ must change their ways. It should be very clear that passing the advertised road signs (credential-ism) doesn’t make one an enlightened person. What it does is make her an educated person, educated to serve the system and not to challenge it!

The main purpose of mass education in the modern world system is to massively produce functionaries to serve man-made capital, directly or indirectly! These days, even the so-called pure scientific researchers are effectively directed to serve the interests of monopoly capital. Recent findings indicate many (about half) of the research publications are neither here nor there! Plenty of them are conducted with a view to find something that can be readily converted into profit. It might come as surprise to many a sheeple, but (these days) scientific efforts are not necessarily geared to help deepen knowledge! Those research directions without much potential to make money can hardly secure funding/grants, even that of taxpayer’s. Open inquiries with potential to interrogate/disprove some of the false claims of paid scientists (scientists on the pay) at the service of profiteers, are visibly discouraged! So given such a scenario one would be naïve to expect enlightened discourse (on all and sundry) within the realm of establishment institutions, wherever they might be! Many of the obvious problems of countries stem from such inabilities to foresee new developments (while discarding old ones) that would inevitably impact their short/long term strategies.

Moreover, incompetence, because it lacks confidence, congregates and swiftly sets up a united front against enlightening knowledge it deems beyond its conceptual grasp. This is how ineptitude managed to run bureaucracies roughshod, all over the world, for ages. For political survival, ineptitude has to make sure excellence is consistently undermined so that it can shine supreme and reign unchallenged! Psychopathic politicos and their affiliated private operators do not thrive because they are confidently competent; no, no, no, they thrive because they are parasites, unashamedly taking undeserved advantages of the hard work of compassionate souls, who unselfishly and persistently try to serve society as a whole. The born incompetents operate without much analysis and foresight. If anything, their proven capacity is to make conditions worse than they were/are. Don’t get us wrong; we have nothing against proven idiots who want to flaunt their wares, after all, the whole charade can be quite entertaining. Just look at Ethiopia’s parasitic elites that are good for nothing, except impostering and grand corruptions! Be that as it may, problems start when these clowns, adorned with phony credentials (compliment of cash or the system’s need to have useful idiots, etc.) are enabled to run our collective lives, directly/indirectly. That is when the sheeple draws the line, but these dimwits, as expected, are failing to recognize the boiling wrath!

Africa’s leadership (not only political), to a large extent, belongs to this mediocre genre. No wonder our continent wallows in a frighteningly fantastic ignorance! “Any fool can tell a crisis when it arrives. The real service to the state is to detect it in embryo.” Issac Asimov (Foundation). Good Day!