Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Mekdes G/ Wolde

Name: Mekdes G/ Wolde

Education: BA in Marketing

Company: Headlights Events

Studio Title: Owner and manager

Founded: 2016

What it does: Organize events

HQ: Mexico Square

Number of employees: 8

Startup capital: 50,000 birr

Current capital: Growing

Reasons for starting the business: To live a meaningful life

Biggest perk of ownership: Doing what I want

Biggest strength: Committed to my work

Plan: To organize big international events

First career: Social Worker

Most interested in meeting: John C Max

Most admired person: Nick Vujicic, evangelist and motivational speaker

Stress reducer: Walking

Favorite past-time: Reading

Favorite book: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by Dhon Reyes

Favorite Movie: The Lion King

Favorite destination: Hawassa

Favorite automobile: Land Rover Free Lander