City Forum to focus on redevelopment, master plan

The 7th Cities Forum that will be held in Gonder in two weeks, will emphasize ways cities can do redevelopment work while at the same time keeping their master plan. It will also present the performance of regions in house construction.

The forum under the theme, ‘Cities, sustainable development and good administration for renaissance,’ will be held for eight days. Mayors from 200 cities all over the country are expected to attend the forum. Discussions will be held on small and medium enterprises, education, urban planning and housing management.

The forum was conceived to create a platform for urban managers, experts, development enthusiasts, development partners, and the private sector in the region to share knowledge and practical experiences and interventions that will foster sustainable urban development.

It will also bring together urban planners, city officials, civil society representatives, development partners, and academics, and serve as a forum for stakeholders to meet, share, and shape urbanization and urban management practices. The forum will provide an opportunity for Ethiopian cities to learn from one another in addressing urbanization challenges, and facilitate cooperation and dialogue on major issues.

Job creation, microfinance intuitional help in assisting entrepreneurs will be discussed.  Awarding well performing cities, creating the right perception through introducing urban development programs, enhancing healthy competition among cities and promoting development success stories will also be part of the event.

Lakew Abeje, Public relation officer at the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing told Capital “the goal of this year’s conference is to take an overview of the functionality elements of our cities with a view to exploring the application of physical planning strategies so as to make them functional and thereby facilitate growth and development of the human settlement in all its ramifications. To this extent, a practical experience sharing by the relevant stakeholders will be an added dimension to this program.”

“First and foremost we expect all urban actors such as the traditional authorities, politicians, city authorities, technocrats, academia, civil society and a cross-section of the urban poor to gain diverse perspectives of urban issues in the country. At the end of this forum, city authorities and the government should be able to appreciate the need to deepen spatial planning and land value capture of their local plans and schemes as a means of leveraging financial resources to promote infrastructural development to the benefit of all citizens, especially the urban poor,’’ he said.

Two years ago the 6th City Forum was held in Dire Dawa which attracted representatives from 200 cities and 10 organizations.

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