Serategna Sefer to be demolished this year


One of the oldest areas in the city, which is located in the heart of Piassa, Serategna Sefer, will be demolished at the end of this Ethiopian year for redevelopment works. The demolition will encompass the entire area that is commonly known as Eri Bekentu.

According to the information Capital obtained from Arada Sub City, about 1,600 houses in this area, which are under Keble 10 and 13 of Woreda 10 will be completely relocated to another area.

Currently over 1,000 Kebele and 260 private houses are in this location and around 10,000 people live there.

Businesses that sell gold and silver jewelry, groceries, buildings and houses which are owned by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church in this area will also make way for the development of the area.

However, 14 houses that are classified as heritages including the house that host the Greek Orthodox Church and old houses that are occupied by Armenians will remain intact.

After the demolition is completed the land will be leased to developers who will construct modern apartments, commercial centers, hotels and restaurants.

Yohannes Admasu, Head of Woreda 10 of Arada Sub-City, told Capital that the necessary preparation has been completed to relocate residents.

“We are offering  two options for the people who live in the kebele houses, they can either obtain a condo house or if they cannot afford that, we will give them another kebele house in a different part of the city. Gulelle Sub-city is working with us to provide us kebele houses and land for the relocation.’’

“For the private houses we will give them land and compensation and the for the business shops we will facilitate ways they can continue to do business in other areas.’’

According to the head of the Woreda the places which are near the river will be renovated to accommodate green areas.

“Piassa is the center of the city and it should look good, as we complete the demolition we will turn the riversides into green parks, and all the construction in that area will be based on the new master plan of the city,” he said.

The new and 10th master plan focuses on vertical expansion rather than horizontal expansion and includes redevelopment, compact settlements and developing integrated plans in terms of transport, housing, and the social and economic sphere.

In this respect, six sectors have been selected – transport, housing, environmental protection, industry, development and recreational centers – as focal points.

Rivers, river basins and areas vulnerable to drainage issues will be covered with plants and transformed into parks. To accomplish this, 170 spots have been identified at the city, district and woreda levels to serve as parks. Rivers, such as Kebena, BantYeketu and Kechene, which stretch 33km, will be developed.

The City plans to build one million houses in the next 10 years.

Serategna Sefer is one of the oldest places in Addis Ababa and is believed have been established after the construction of Arat Kilo Palace by Emperor Hailselassie. During that time day laborers, carpenters, and plumbers lived there and people seeking their business came there.