Capital Ethiopia Newspaper

Accelerating ecosystem collapse

Climate change is threatening life as we know it, but our simpleminded global status quo is not willing to fully appreciate this obvious danger. Don’t expect decisive action to come from the states or the market, as they are not very much into life. For over a half a century concerned citizens, scientists, activist intellectuals, etc., have been warning the world about our species’ unsustainable trajectory. Ever since the Club of Rome published ‘Limit to growth’ in 1973, many enlightened inhabitants tried to convince dominant capital to rethink its blind ambition of incessant accumulation that was becoming increasingly detrimental to all lives on the planet. However, those that are completely subservient to monopoly capital (states & corporations) refused to heed the warning and now consequences are obliterating our ecosystem!

The state of our environment, including climate change, is so bad we have absolutely no time to waste, if we want life to be around at least for a while longer. The current stupid ways of humans are unsustainable. Worshipping at the altar of greed has not been our time tested collective instinct, which allowed us to survive up to now. For a start, we have to negate the global economic doctrine that preaches non-stop growth on a finite planet. Without a doubt, this economic principle is the epitome of stupidity, but the sheeple (human mass), out of fear/insecurity, ignorance, etc., doesn’t want to seriously interrogate this lunatic principle perpetuated by the learned psychopaths/sociopaths of our world system. Paradoxically, those countries with the most scientific knowledge about the collapse of our ecosystem do not want to be bothered at all, at least as far as their states and their dominant capital is concerned. These cretins think profit is more important than the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat or in general the whole life support system. There is no limit to how far they are willing to push their sickening agenda. To defend their insatiable greed they are now questioning the very science on which facts about climate change are based. The only science they believe in is the one that makes them money, whatever the cost to life. Luckily there is now an organized movement in the making (by scientist themselves), to oppose the prevailing stupid narrative.

Boycotting unnecessary consumption should be the primary objective of all who would want to address climate change and other critical environmental issues in earnest. Reducing each and everyone’s carbon footprint is a task that can be executed by many a concerned citizen of our finite and precarious planet. ‘Charity begins at home’ and the import of this old saying suggests; one has to start by reducing ones’ own consumption to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Unlike the consumer societies of the rich (OECD), the poorer nations still have some opening to carve out a more sustainable and resilient future. They can leverage appropriate, sustainable and resilient technologies to address their development problematic. The West or the rich countries need to cut down on their unnecessary consumption, which doesn’t seem to bring them any closer to contentment let alone to self-actualization. Even if their politicos, at the service of dominant capital, refuse to enact enforceable binding laws to curtail emissions, the people should take it upon themselves to locally forbid certain activities from taking place that are bound to impact their environment. In other words, when it comes to life preservation, i.e., protecting the planet’s ecosystem, forceful ‘civil disobedience’ should be encouraged!

Severe and frequent droughts across our continent might well be our future, affecting hundreds of millions of Africans. Currently the Horn/Eastern and Southern Africa are experiencing lingering droughts that threaten to become a permanent feature of the region. The phony and unachievable goal of making the planet warmer by only 2 degrees or less (by the end of the century) is pure fantasy. Scientific predictions, not the ones emasculated by the politicos of the world system, conclude; temperature increase of five or even six degrees is a more realistic scenario, given the unpredictability of complex systems as well as our intransigence to deal with the crisis. In the temperature prediction game, we are always talking about average increases. The implication being, the tropical regions will have even higher temperature than the rest of the world, read Africa! Doing nothing is not an option in regard to climate change; hence the African sheeple must organize itself outside the logic of the state and the market to save itself. Even science has now become a plaything to the degenerate politicos and their affiliated selfish oligarchs. Abiding by their stupid laws of destruction in passé! “It is sad the permanent lie has become the only safe form of existence.”Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Good Day!