Ethiopians to be able to buy their favorite tunes using mobile credit through ArifZefen


An online music sales platform is set to be introduced by ArifZefen. The Ethiopian music streaming service is set to introduce a first of its kind, digital music sales service in Ethiopia.

ArifZefen, a product of ArifSoft, a technology company based in California and Addis Ababa, is introducing ArifZefen Store where new releases from artists will be on sale directly on ArifZefen. ArifZefen is launching ArifZefen Store with the highly anticipated Teddy Afro album, “Ethiopia”.

ArifZefen Store allows users to purchase new songs or albums, download onto their devices and listen to their purchased songs without a need of Internet connection. Through ArifZefen’s partnership with ethio telecom, users will be able to buy music using their mobile phone credit.

With the ArifZefen App and now the new service that will be available soon, users will continue to have their favorite tunes on the go, neatly organized in one place.

“At ArifZefen, we believe in making the experiences of the App users as friendly as possible. We live in a fast paced world and we understand the necessity of convenience. That is why we continuously work to raise the standards of the service we provide, at the same time changing the way people experience listening to Ethiopian music,” said Ephraim Tekle, ArifSoft’s CEO.

In addition to making online music purchase more convenient in Ethiopia, The new ArifZefen Store is a great opportunity for artists to be able to sell their music easily and make their work accessible globally, it was stated.

ArifZefen’s team have said they will use traditional and social media platforms to showcase and demonstrate how the new service works.

One of the most important features of the ArifZefen store is that the sales of all licensed content adheres to copyright laws, thereby giving Ethiopian artists the opportunity to generate income online, as purchased songs on ArifZefen store cannot be transferred or shared to different devices.