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With four games to go in the Premier League season, bottom of the table Addis Ababa Town appears to be cursed to relegation after a single season at the top tier. “It is a very critical situation for those in danger of relegation, “a retired referee remarked.

Though eight sides including 8th place Hawassa Town are under the relegation radar, bottom of the table with just 19 points from 26 matches Addis Ababa Town’s chance of survival was doomed after a 3-1 away defeat to Sidama Bunna over the weekend. Three of the remaining four matches are at home against relegation threatened Wolayta Dich, Ethiopia Bunna, Saint George and Woldya Town. None of these games are easy and the Capital City’s flag bearer Addis Ababa Town’s chance of survival is almost nonexistent.

Ethiopia NegedBank will likely follow Addis Ababa Town as it has four challenging matches although three of them are home games. They play Wolayta Dicha, Sidama Bunna, Ethiopia Bunna and Saint George.

Ethio-Electric, Jimma AbaBuna and Dire Dawa each have 28 points so one is likely to go down the drain. Dire Dawa travels to Mekelakya and Fasil Town and is at home against Hawassa Town and Jimma AbaBuna while Electric entertains Ethiopia Bunna, Saint George and Woldya Town before traveling to Hawassa. AbaBuna’ has two home encounters against the Saints and Hawassa Town before visiting Woldya Town and Dire Dawa.