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German FM stresses poverty, jobs to slow migration

(L) Moussa Faki Mahamat and Sigmar Gabriel

Investing in opportunities for the youth and addressing the root causes of migration like unemployment and poverty will help solve the migration crisis but setting up camps  in North Africa will not, stated Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and African Union Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat.

The Foreign Minister held talks with the African Union during his visit to Addis Ababa this week and the two sides talked about multilateral issues including peace and security as well as migration.

The AU chairman called on Germany and the European Union to agree on a common approach to Africa instead of what is happening currently where each country uses a different approach . Mr. Gabriel pointed out that the EU must work with Africa as an equal partner at the same level as the rest of the world.  He thinks the continent needs to be better represented in the G20. “Africa will be, together with Asia the continent of the 21st century. In Germany we want to build a bridge in the new century where Africa should be more represented in the field of economic cooperation,” Gabriel stated.

It was further stated that there are a number of countries that are not stable and need assistance. Long term conflicts and corruption in governments are among the many reasons it is difficult for the EU to do cooperation work on the level that is needed.

The Germen Foreign Minister also underlined that the situation in Somalia where drought is having a huge consequence, is something that needs more attention and Germany will continue to provide assistance.